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    The Lazord Foundation is a committed supporter of youth programs that promote community engagement and responsible leadership throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

    Among its flagship initiatives is the Lazord Fellowship, which consists of three chapters in Egypt, Jordan, and Tunisia.

    The Lazord Fellowship is a unique opportunity for graduate students to gain hands-on experience and develop important skills that will benefit them both professionally and personally. The approach is based on an ecological framework that encourages fellows to explore their place in the world and their role in the global community. But the foundation does not just focus on the development of the fellows – they’re always looking for ways to improve the internal processes as well. That’s why the foundation introduced a new evaluation program in 2018-2019, and they’ve made even more improvements based on feedback from the previous year’s evaluation.

    The evaluation system was designed to promote collaboration and participation through empowerment evaluation, and we used four different types of evaluation to ensure that we’re measuring the impact of our program in a comprehensive and meaningful way:

    • process evaluation
    • outcome evaluation
    • impact evaluation, and
    • summative evaluation.

    Read more about the Lazord Foundation and the Lazord Fellowship

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